New Design

Fortune Homeware has always been committed to the research, development, production, and market promotion of high-quality and fashionable dining and kitchen products

1. The design and development of the latest fashionable tableware are guided by each season and festival, and the most popular designs and products in each district are developed. To provide to our loyal customers.

2. Committed to the production and management of medium to high quality products, we ensure 100% safety and non-toxic standards in the production of materials. Countless product inspections have enabled Fuchen's products to meet the FDA, EN, and GB food testing standards in the United States.

Our brand

Fortune homeware is based on the brand "FORTUNE LIFE", covering high-end products including all guest dining, kitchen and bathroom series, as well as high-quality home furnishings. "O'ERA" is a high-quality brand, committed to the operation of high-end soft home furnishings products Tableart "is a brand for restaurant and hotel supplies. The establishment of the brand can be vigorously promoted and used in different fields of use in domestic and foreign markets to establish brand reputation. Fuchen Home upholds the corporate culture of "teamwork, innovation, service, and never stop". With solid steps and the dream of being a century old enterprise, we will work together with our employees and customers to explore a better tomorrow!

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